The Value of a Photograph

Nowadays when you see a picture, it is likely on a screen. We’ve forgotten the special feel and look of a photograph on actual photo paper. Not that long ago, we carried school pictures, business cards, and other memorable tangible objects. Why? Because they made us feel good! Just taking 1 minute out of your day to glance at a special memory can reduce stress and turn your frown upside down. We have some special mentions to commemorate the physical photo. Check them out and take stock in some of these unique ideas that still hold true to today’s ways of remembering that special moment.

framed photosPictures are for Decoration

One practice of decor that still works in all homes today is the framed photo on a wall or table. Grandma’s walls are lined with them! I’d make a bet that yours are too! We hold serious value in putting our memories on display to give our living space some identity. These are the people that live here or people that we hold dear. These pictures tell their stories!

Many of them serve as art pieces and remain timeless when it comes to home decor, especially pictures taken of a landscape that you care about. The next time you are considering what to hang on your wall, go get a physical picture you care a lot about! Blow it up and have it framed. You’ll never regret the decision of being able to share and look at that treasured memory any time you want.

Pictures are for Sharing

Think about your older relatives. Sharing pictures over social media or text message could still be completely foreign to them. Therefore, the physical picture is still something we should invest in. Your children are growing and getting school photos taken most years. Or you might have had a special event like a wedding with pictures taken. Don’t you think your grandparents would enjoy receiving a good old-fashioned picture in the mail? How special would that make them feel!? This is a very good idea right now, as older people are feeling very isolated and alone. Brighten their day with a picture they can put in their wallet or hang on the fridge!

Everyone has that box of pictures they dig out occasionally. Wouldn’t it be sad if that box just disappeared? If you need a pick-me-up, going through that box works every time! One of the best activities can be getting together with family and going through old photos. You’ll probably laugh and possibly cry. This time spent will also enrich your relationships even further through sharing stories and getting to know each other that much more. It’s a treasured time!

Pictures are for Recognitionbillboard marketing

Even with digital advertising on the continuous rise, we still get flooded with magazines, fliers, billboards, and business cards. These physical publications would not be nearly as successful if they didn’t include pictures! Now, think of a billboard of a famous local lawyer. You should be able to pick them out of a line-up. It’s because their physical picture has been shown to you repeatedly. You recognize that face! In business, recognition is very important. Otherwise, you might not be an option the next time your potential customer is shopping. Next time you purchase a physical ad, make sure your face, face of your mascot, or logo is included!


Bottom Line

It’s hard to say what the future holds, but the time of taking your disposable camera or film to the “camera store” to get it developed seems to be over. You might be able to take it to a department store that has a photo section, but even those are thinning out. No matter the lengths you might have to go to get a picture printed, do it! They make the best presents! Have a picture printed on a mug or shirt to give it special longevity. Even the younger generations will enjoy that type of gift.

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How To Take A Better Picture

Do your friends ever tell you, “your camera takes amazing photos!”? I’m sure you’ve seen great photos taken from an iPhone, but also horrible images from expensive professional equipment. The type of camera can help, BUT one of the real deciding factors on whether a shot is good quality is who takes the picture. If they know how to incorporate composition and lighting just right, it can make all the difference.

camera 1842202 640Composition

When you hear “composition” in photography, it is referring to the individual objects inside the frame and how they come together to form the final shot. We can usually change how we are situated by zooming or changing our angle. We can also position the subjects in the frame depending, although that can prove very challenging.

There are a lot of options when it comes to this subject. Many people have different techniques that work for them. This aspect can make a vast difference in the finished photo. When you start to get an eye for this you will actually begin to have fun with it.

Quick Composition Tips:

Rule of Thirds – Separate the photo into 9 rectangles to create grid lines. Look for balance within the intersections. These are where the eyes usually are drawn to first.
Leading Lines – Use the natural occuring lines within the photo to create depth instead of 2 dimensional strait lines across.
Eye Movement – Think of how people’s eyes will move around the scene to create flow. Check if there is anything distracting that will take away from the primary subject.
Borders – Check the borders to make sure there are no photo bombers. You’ll have less editing to do later!
Non-Uniformity – Stagger or position things differently to add some interst! 

7 Asks Before Hiring a Photographer

The right picture can make a great impact. Whether you want special shots of your 1-year-old smashing a cake or need professional shots for your cake business, you must hire a photographer for the best quality shots. Our current market is packed full of these professionals, some free-lancers and some high-end. Where do you start? I have 7 tips for what to look for in a photographer.


1. What is Their Style?

No one photographer will take pictures and edit them the same way as another. They will each have a style, evident or not. Before you decide on a referred favorite, check out their portfolio. Do you like most of the pictures you see? Will they match the demands of the style you are going for? Setting this standard will help you weed through the masses.

2. Are They Experienced for Your Needs?

Depending on what you require, it is good to hire a professional who has worked that type of event/business/portrait type you are looking for. This is especially true if you need photos taken for your business. For example, photographers that are used to taking pictures for a Realtor will be great at capturing indoor spaces, while a wildlife photographer will be better at capturing the outdoors. A photographer that usually takes landscape photography may not be the best choice for portraits. A wedding photographer however, needs to be well rounded as they do a little of everything to capture your special day.


4 Tips for the Perfect Head Shot

Have you ever had a professional picture taken that you just dislike? Whether it is the lighting or your makeup, several things can affect them. Normally, a professional photographer should note such things, but some do not. They might mention some caveats that you might not understand, but makes sense to them. We hope to give some simple tips to make your head shots turn out picture perfect!

headshot 1. Location Matters

The outdoors are wonderful! The lush green can add a beautiful backdrop to any photo. The trouble is, that environment can set a specific tone. From experience, we have had clients that have wanted their photos outside, but then complained that they looked like graduation photos. Be careful in choosing your surroundings. If you want outside professional photos for a business card, perhaps choose an outside setting that isn’t so colorful. The lighting is also difficult to work with, as the photographer has to work with the sun and clouds. It might just be best to keep it indoors. Save the woodsy backdrop for the family photos.
However, brick or your business in the background maybe the perfect outdoor setting! Be sure to discuss your vision with your photographer. They can help you choose the perfect location! 

2. Spiffy Up, but Don’t Overdo It

The goal is to encompass what makes you, well... you! Avoid going out and buying new make-up or getting a different haircut. You will end up looking like another person, which can be a huge mistake, especially in marketing. You want your clients to recognize you from picture to real life. Just spend a little more time getting ready as you would normally do. If you are concerned about hair and makeup, perhaps have a friend or relative help you out or schedule an appoint with your beautician before your session!

Business Headshots - Why They Are So Important for Your Business...

cakebaker 1Business headshots are everywhere. You’re sure to have seen one online, in magazines and books, or in someone’s front yard on a real estate sign. These headshots are used to give a clear image of what a person, whether they are the CEO of a large company or an up and coming business professional, looks like and presents themselves.

What is a Headshot?

Headshots are taken from the torso or chest up. Experienced photographers are able to set the scene, create the perfect lighting, and shoot at an angle that will be the flattering. You might think that it would be hard to mess up something as simple as a headshot but it’s more than just the ability to take a picture of someone. Skilled photographers can capture the personality of the client. The difference between hiring someone with little experience versus investing in a talented photographer is night and day, so take the time to look at the work of a few photographers. Be sure to ask your photographer what is included in your package.

Generally, headshots are taken inside a studio or office leaving little room for creativity. Outdoor headshots are not as typical but they are used to place the professional in a real-life environment, often the area in which they work- real estate agents in front of homes, social media entrepreneurs in coffee shops, or business professionals in places around their city. Talk to your photographer about their experience with both as you decide which option is better for you.

Purpose of Professional Headshots

Social media is one of the best ways to market your company and we find that many business professionals have digitally produced head shots to use for that purpose alone. They are often on websites where companies define who they are and their purpose. Aside from corporations, authors, actors, models, and social media entrepreneurs use these everyday as a method of personal branding. You’ll might also see these on professional portfolios and publications, social media forums, annual reports and press releases, as well as on marketing and advertising materials.

Capturing the Perfect Headshot

There are several factors that go into creating a worthy headshot...

  • Range - Headshots are taken at a medium-closeup range and will show the client from center of their chest to the top of their head or sometimes even their entire torso and head.
  • The Rule of Thirds - The photographer will ensure that the clients eyes are one-third of the way in the frame. 
  • Profile - The client may look directly at you or off-center. Taking a few images of both will help to ensure you have the perfect headshot!
  • Lighting - To eliminate blemishes and wrinkles, diffuse the light. This creates less work for you later as the photograph will not require as much touching up.
  • Secondary Lighting - Having a secondary source of light at the top of your clients head will help maintain their head shape and prevent their crown from fading.
  • Lens - Avoid using a wide-angled lens as this may distort your clients face. It is better to use a lens that will slim their face.
  • Atmosphere - It is best that the client has a relaxed look on their face so do your best to keep them composed and laid back.
  • Natural Light - Natural lighting creates a softer look. Have your client stand facing a window. If the sun is too bright, you might have to use a diffuser.
  • Face Shape - Capture a sharp jawline as this is helps shape the client’s face.

The more you do something, the better you will become at it. Taking headshots is not an exception to this rule and overtime setting up the perfect lighting and pulling out the confidence of clients becomes second nature to the best photographers. 

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