Social Media Photo Tips

Social Media Photo Tips

Ongoing content for your website or social media can be challenging. Everyone is capable of doing it on their own with some tips but I do recommend a social media training class to get you started. If you find you don’t have the time or skill to do it on your own, marketing companies are the way to go.

This blog comes to you from a photographer that has worked with marketing companies and businesses to create the visual content they need for their blogs, website, social media, and print materials.

What Do I Post About?

  • Answer your audience's questions
  • Showcase what makes you different
  • Give tips that showcase you as the expert
  • Show off your work
  • Show who you are (talk about your team, congratulate an employee, etc)
  • Make a sales post (*only after giving away a lot of valued information)

1. Answer Audience Questions

What equipment do you use and why? Posting photos of the equipment you have with a list or what you use it for and how this is better than the competition speaks volume. For my client’s construction company this equipment allows them to do bigger jobs in tighter spaces than their competition. Without photos, your clients wouldn’t be able to understand as easily.

HP2X Equipment

2. Showcase What Makes You Different

We are showcasing the owners of this company because it is family owned. In addition, we used the shop as a background so you can look at this photo even without the banner and have a good idea of what they do. What makes them different is that they truly treat you like family. They are honest, have fair prices and will never try to oversell you.

Danco Team

3. Give Tips That Showcase You as the Expert

Give a checklist or some reasons or tips on why your service is needed.

Travel Agent Benefits

4. Show Off Your Work

An obvious example of this is all the photos in this blog, they're photos I've taken! This is an example of showcasing your work in a post. You can do before and afters too or great photos of a product or service you are selling.

Vico's Painting

5. Show Who You Are

Gary Rossignol is a man of many roles. Showcasing him in the elements of what he does is how we showed who he is.

His roles include:

  • Rock n Roll Realtor Hour
  • Realtor
  • Blue Stone Ivory Band
  • West Chester Symphony Orchestra

You can see from the images what he does.

RealtorRock N Roll HourSymphony

6. Make a Sales Post

There are several ways to make a sales post without coming on too strong. One client gives out gift cards to his clients when they buy a house. Another great idea is to do a giveaway. Posting something like this is an easy way to advertise yourself.

Dream Team Giveaway


It's Not Your Average Camera

3D TourHow 3D Virtual Tours Can Help Your Business

Our partnership with Prism VR has allowed Cincy Photo Pro to offer this top-notch service to our clients at affordable rates! Creating images that stand out and your clients want to see.

About Prism VR

A “virtual tour” sounds like a futuristic technology that would feature in a science fiction novel, but in reality, it is a powerful tool that is available to your business to enhance your marketing and online presence. We’ve been able to help businesses of every size use this tool to stand out from their competition in an increasingly crowded world of online marketing.

A virtual tour is a photographic representation of a three-dimensional experience of your business space. This can be useful for customers who are checking out your business online before they come to visit in person. Whether you’re running a restaurant or a sales floor, letting your customers see the space before they come in goes a long way to making your website or Google listing stand out from the rest of the crowd. More than half of customers that visit a physical store have looked at the store online before coming in. Particularly when it comes to local searches through websites like Google or Facebook, having a virtual tour lets the potential customer experience your space ahead of time. It attracts them in a way that a handful of static images never could.

A virtual tour is memorable and is more likely to bring a customer back to your website again and again. These repeated visits also push your website higher in Google search results, especially if you use them well. A virtual tour can be added to your Google Street View listing, allowing a potential customer who’s looking through local map listings to see the option from there as well as the more generic listing. Again, this brings customers who might be looking through a variety of local options into your location, because it sparks curiosity and makes you stand out.

We offer virtual tours starting at just eight cents per square foot, a fiercely competitive price for a high-quality virtual tour to get your business started! Check out some of our tours and learn more about how virtual tours work by visiting our website, and call us today to schedule an appointment!

Featured Tours


LDR Design Agency

Style Flooring

Agave and Rye

Cincy Photo Pro

We have retainer packages that include a tour of your business. Ask how you can get yours today!

The Best Versatile Camera For Video

I have been a professional photographer since 2011 and a drone pilot since 2018. With adding the Aerial Photography I had to learn videography due to demand and I absolutely love it!! I have helped companies with b-role footage or done real estate videos to grab the audience attention. If you are looking for the most versatile camera that won’t break the bank, this blog is for you. Stay tuned as I reveal the best all-around camera! And follow the link below if you want one for yourself!

Well, a Drone and DSLR cameras do have their limitations. They are big, heavy, drones create wind and I found myself not wanting to take it around with me on family trips, or adventure trips when I would do dual sport moto rides. I was concerned with damaging my equipment and it was just big and heavy.

After tons of research, I decided to try out the GoPro Hero 7 black. The most top of the line GoPro currently out there. Built-in stabilization, lots of mounting options and small plus waterproof. This is in a consumer budget with tremendous quality.


  • Time lapse
  • Mount on bike
  • Mount in or outside of the car for fun shots
  • Take to the pool
  • Great for b-role to get overview footage at an event, a client's facility or playing with your kids


  • App for control of camera and footage on your phone
  • Many mounting options
  • Built-in stability
  • Linear mode for less distortion than the wide mode

If you want a camera that can provide some cinematic footage that is lightweight and durable, this camera is versatile. You should check it out! Mix it with detail or interview footage from a DSLR or other professional video camera for a perfect variety to your tool bag!

Get your GoPro Hero 7 by following this link!

Our blog is created to help you with your photography and marketing. Whether as a customer or if you try to do this on your own. Be sure to reach out if you have a topic request so we can cover that for you!

Benefits of Aerial Photography and Video

Aerial photography isn't just fun, it's a great marketing tool! With Cincy Photo Pro we create images your clients want to see and get engagement!

Fun ideas for Aerial Photography and Video

  • New location
  • Real Estate Listings
  • Large Venue or Facility
  • Roof Inspections
  • Wedding or Events (People and venue in one shot)
  • Horse Farms
  • Photos of your home or business
  • Property Development
  • Tourism
  • Sports

Reasons to Say Yes to Aerial

  1. Price - starting at just $135
  2. Quality - full HD photos and video
  3. Convenience - easy to book and quick turnaround
  4. Views - angles you can't get anywhere else

Tips to Create Professional Quality Photos/Videos Yourself

At Cincy Photo Pro we help individuals and companies create the image they want others to see. Our blog will consist of tips, advice and information related to photography and marketing. Our goal is to create fresh content 2-4 times a month with downloadable resources or links to additional resources. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletters so you don’t miss out!

Tip #1: Great Lighting

  • The main light source should be in front of your subject. Can be natural lighting from a window, a lamp or photography light.
  • Great lighting is key for a professional look to your images or video.
  • To get started with lighting, here's a link to light options you can use with your own photos.

Tip # 2: Composition

  • Rule of thirds is a simple starting point for composition.
  • Using the rule of thirds means that the subject isn't centered in the image. Instead, the main focal point is a bit off to one side. ... Using the rule of thirds draws the viewer's eye into the composition, instead of just glancing at the center.

Rule of Thirds

Tip #3: Content

  • Know the purpose of your images. What do you want the end result to be? Will it be displayed in your home, on your website or business card?
  • The end result will determine the best composition, location and event clothing choice.

Our blog is created to help you with your photography and marketing; whether as a customer or if you try to do this on your own. Be sure to reach out if you have a topic request so we can cover that for you!