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Best Plumbers Cincinnati  OhioIn today's fast-paced and highly competitive business world, building a strong brand identity is essential for any organization's success. And one of the most powerful tools to enhance your brand's image is through the use of photography. Custom photos that are unique to your brand can help you stand out from your competitors and create a lasting impression on your target audience. In this blog post, we'll discuss how using photography and videos for branding can benefit your business and help you grow.

Branding Photos Creates a Professional Image

High-quality photos create a professional image for your brand. Using professional photography in your branding materials such as websites, brochures, social media, and advertising campaigns can increase your credibility and give your brand a more polished and sophisticated look. A professional image can help you attract customers who value quality and are willing to pay a premium for it.

Our Photos & Videos Tell Your Brand Story

Custom branding photos and videos can help tell the story of your brand. They can convey your brand's values, mission, and personality in a way that words cannot. Through carefully curated and crafted photos, you can showcase your brand's unique offerings and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Photography can also help create an emotional connection with your target audience, helping them relate to your brand on a deeper level.

Creates Consistency

Consistency is key when it comes to branding. Custom photos can help you maintain a consistent look and feel across all your branding materials. This consistency helps build brand recognition, making it easier for customers to identify and remember your brand. Custom photos can also help you avoid using generic stock photos, which can dilute your brand identity and make it more difficult to stand out.

Increases Engagement

Using custom photos in your branding materials can increase engagement with your target audience. People are naturally drawn to images, and high-quality photos can capture their attention and encourage them to engage with your brand. Custom photos can also help you create a more personal connection with your audience, increasing their loyalty and advocacy for your brand.

Enhances Your SEO

Custom photos can also enhance your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. By using unique photos on your website and social media channels, you can improve your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your site. Custom photos can also increase the time users spend on your site, reducing your bounce rate, and improving your overall SEO metrics.

The Cincy Photo Pro experts appreciate that photography can be a powerful tool for building your brand and increasing your business's success. Custom photos can help you stand out from your competitors, create a professional image, tell your brand story, maintain consistency, increase engagement, and enhance your SEO. If you haven't already, consider incorporating custom photography into your branding strategy and watch your brand grow.

Full Media Packages for Luxury Real Estate Properties

CincyPhotoCincy Photo Pro has grown! Our team has grown beyond just doing plain old photoshoots. We have so many exciting services to offer our clients! Cincy Photo Pro is one of the most robust real estate photography companies in the Cincinnati area. With 11 years in the photography business and experts in the real estate marketing media realm for over 8 of those years, we continue to offer the best media services our clients need and want!

Not only do we make the average home look great, our luxury real estate is top notch. Our photography services really make your listing shine. Check out this all inclusive media package and all its offerings!

Full Media Packages for Luxury Real Estate Properties Packages:

Listings for the most luxurious homes on the market need to stand out. The more details, the better the listing traffic. Realtors have a lot of competition. Why have just a section of a page on Zillow or MLS? You need to think about social media marketing too.
Lure your potential luxury home buyers in with professional drone video of the entire property and its amenities. Give onlookers a virtual 3D tour they can take right from anywhere and share with anyone. Let them see just how big the walk-in closets and bathrooms are with detailed floor plans. Dazzle potential buyers with gorgeous HD photos that showcase all the best angles and lighting. Top it all off with a personalized property website hosting and showcasing all of your media! Here is a recent example of a house on the market just the other day with a full media package.

Let’s dig into each service!

Professional Video

Videos are now more popular than ever, especially in real estate listings. Cincy Photo Pro offers drone footage and video walk through. We can capture a bird’s-eye view of the main property, as well as the surrounding areas. This can be ideal for gated communities with many amenities or brand new developments. Cincy Photo Pro also does commercial drone video of the interior, to give a tour-like feel for the larger spaces with a unique perspective. Make it a lifestyle video for that personalized touch!

Virtual 3D Tours

3D Tours became very popular 2 years ago, but did not fall off in popularity. Many potential home buyers love the idea of not having to physically go to property to tour it initially. This can be very useful for viewers from out of town or people with mobility challenges. This service makes the listing more real for all to see and attract more interested buyers.

Floor Plans

Giving as much detailed information as possible will get you the most ideal buyers. For those that are serious about house shopping, providing a layout complete with measurements is a nice touch. With this information, potential buyers won’t have to guess if their pool table will fit in the family room. They will know.

HD Photos

Today, you should not even consider listing a property without providing quality photos. Take th marketing to the next level with professional HD photography. At Cincy Photo Pro, you can now count on a professional real estate photographer that knows all the best angles, lighting, and tricks to show the property in the best possible way. We can even add digital staging and Twilight Lighting to give it a more appealing and unique look.

Property Website

This service feature is the cherry on top! Why share your listing with the competition and paid ads, when you could get your very own corner of the web?! This website will show all of your chosen features and will be available for as long as you need it to be (probably not very long for prime real estate in Cincinnati). Potential buyers will be impressed with this feature and appreciate it. It is also great to have in your portfolio to show on listing appointments of all the features you plan to do for their house to make your client’s home shine above the rest!

Final Thoughts for Luxury Real Estate Media Packaging

At Cincy Photo Pro, we love to pamper our real estate clients. This package can be customizable in any way you need it to be. We can take more or fewer images, include special add-ons like True Twilight, and even give the opportunity to do a reshoot in case something has changed or you need special updates. See our Real Estate Package page for pricing and details, book here, or give us a call today! 513-324-4206.

Our photographers also understand professionalism. We wear show coverings to protect the floors, are always kind, courteous and show up on time. We have online scheduling for convivence but often can move things around if needed. So please give the Cincy Photo Pro a call or send us an email or text if you can't find the time you need. We will do our best to accommodate.

We also understand you want your real estate media as soon as possible. HD photos are next day turnaround and everything else is typically 24-48 hours. If more invloved video project may have a custom turn-around time and we will communicate that before we begin your project to ensure we are on the same page.

Quality is always of the top most importance for our team. Check out our reviews! Contact us today to get started!

How to Capture Special Moments this Christmas: 5 Tips

138298159 10220932114666673 6455233970889869055 nIt’s that unique time of year that makes you want to capture special moments to hold on to them forever. Our environments are adorned with twinkling lights and everyone smiles a little more. It couldn’t be more perfect for pictures! We have some tips on how to capture Christmas moments to remember.

Set Intentionality

How often is it we say “I should have taken a picture of that” or “I wish I had gotten out my camera”. It often happens that we miss the opportunity to capture our favorite moments. Be ahead of the game and set intentionality to take pictures for events and moments.

You can even make a list at the beginning of the season of moments you’d like to capture. They are more likely to be taken if you have it in mind first. Don’t forget to have your camera or device charged and ready!

Pay Attention to Color and Light

You’ll take much better-quality photos when the light sources are helpful. If it’s a little dark in a room, turn on or up the lights, if possible. If you are shooting indoors during the day, natural light can be your friend. Have Subjects face the window so the light shines on them and not behind them.

At night, indoors avoid too much yellow by adjusting the white balance. Look for the “light bulb mode” on your camera. You can also adjust already taken pictures with a “warmth” tool. Only use the flash if it’s really dark. Otherwise, it just washes everything out and casts harsh shadows when using the built in camera flash. You can also guide your Subjects to a well lit room. Often near the kitchen for overhead lighting.

Go Incognito

Candid moments can make the best pictures. In order to capture these, you might have to just snap away. Don’t announce yourself or ask anyone to look at the camera. As soon as people know you have a camera, they either want to run or react unnaturally. Don’t give them a chance. Go on the sidelines at level with the little kids playing, side by side with family hugs, quietly snapping while people are opening gifts to get reactions, etc.

Make It Personal

Unless you are taking pictures for others, remember to capture what YOU want to remember. What pulls on your heartstrings? Focus on details. Is there a decoration that means a lot to you? Take a picture of it! Items and scenery can be just as memorable as people in pictures. Food is often fun to capture and during special events the food can be very picturesque.

Give the Pictures Meaning

After the events are over and we’ve taken great pictures, what happens to them? Are they locked away in a chest or on a phone or hard drive? Make your pictures worth taking by giving them a home afterward.
Send them to a digital frame for your grandparents to treasure (great gift idea)! Make some picture mugs for everyone. Create albums and scrapbooks. That one might seem like an overhaul when you start, but once you get into it, it can be a lot of fun. Get the family in on it. Pictures can really bring people together.

Final Thoughts on How to Capture Special Moments this Christmas

Christmas, along with other times in our lives, comes and goes. When we stop to freeze a moment in time, it can live on. Eventually kids grow up, decorations age, and our gatherings may look a little different in the future. One thing that won’t change, though, are the memories you capture and can share throughout the years.

Looking to take professional family portraits for the season or new year? Cincy Photo Pro can work with you and your family to determine the best location and poses to preserve your family's personalities in the best way possible. Contact us today to get scheduled!

How do you Stage a House to Sell?

Stage a House to SellRecently, Krista from Cincy Photo Pro met up with Christy Randall from PIQ Creative living to talk about how to properly stage a house, the benefits of staging, and when to hire a professional.

Do you love home and garden magazine photos? They often use a mixture of proper colors and inviting décor. Christy uses current trends and other brilliant tricks to make a space really shine. Get ready to learn how this is achieved!

How Physical Staging Helps Showcase a Space

When someone is looking for a space to live in or rent, they really need to be able to visualize the floor plan and layout. They also need to be able to visualize how furniture and décor will work in the space.

Physical staging can give that layout depth of information and make the space more real to a viewer, especially when the space has an open concept. Physical staging can give a potential buyer or renter an idea of how much space they have to work with. It’s good to know if your king-size bed will leave enough room for a dresser in a bedroom.

From a photographer’s standpoint, physical staging can give real estate photos more character and make a space more enticing. This service, paired with professional photography, can be a successful win to get the right buyers or renters for a space!

Current Trends

When Christy begins her staging process, she takes certain topics into consideration, in terms of trends. Some of these tend to be greenery, furniture layout plans, colors, and lighting. Utilization really plays a big role in today’s interior decor. People want to enjoy being at home. Looking into how they can set up their home functionally, whether it be office space or a workout space, is becoming very popular. It's important for Christy to show that functionality with staging current trends.

Simplicity – Most consumers that are looking for optimal spaces are craving minimalistic scenes that offer less clutter. This trend has held steady for the past couple of years.

Neutral Colors – People are looking for colors that are easy to live with and enjoy being around. It’s also good to showcase the value and areas of a space that we want them to notice. The furniture is just there to help highlight the features of the home, not overshadow. Neutral colored furniture is also easier for a broad range of people to enjoy.

Lighting – The right lighting makes a significant difference in giving a space an optimal look and feel. Always use natural lighting to your advantage when possible. It’s an easy way to freshen up a space.

Open Concept – This trend is apparent with old, but renovated and newer homes and has been for a while. Adding physical staging makes the open space more ideal and gives the viewer different options.

What You Can Do on Your Own

Declutter – The more you have in the home, the more of a distraction it can be. Reduce the items in the space by 50%. Less is more!

De-Personalize – Remove all personal photos and décor so that the onlooker doesn’t have trouble visualizing their personalization in the space.

Keep it Simple – Try for a streamlined look with a broad appeal.

Refresh Interiors – Use neutral paint colors throughout.

When to Hire a Professional

Christy says realtors often come to her and say that their house didn’t sell and that it needs staged. It’s a lot easier to distinguish which rooms are which with staging to show their full potential. Walking into a space with furnishings really makes a difference to a potential buyer.

Alongside of physical staging, Christy also offers customized consultations. This service can work for those trying to sell a home without furniture, but also with their own furniture. If someone is trying to sell their home with outdated furniture and décor, their question is “how can this be set up the most appealing way?” Christy will take a detailed look at the house and furnishings, discuss how space can be better utilized, where things can be moved, and how to showcase the best features of the property. Sometimes this entails adding and removing things like wall art.

I addition to staging, Christy also rents and sells décor and furnishings. This service is to offer the client something nice to add to their new space and/or give potential to a to-be-sold space that needs updating!

Final Thoughts on How to Stage a House to Sell

We truly enjoyed this interview! Check out the actual interview here. Christy is passionate about helping people get through the interior design and staging process in many different ways. She has a keen eye for design and feels blessed to be able to work in this field. Christy is living her dream! 

Looking for an interior design guru for staging or tips? Please contact Christy Randall for a consultation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 513-518-6525. To learn more about her services, visit She’d love to talk to you!

And remember,  if you need professional photos of your home, office or AirBnb , Cincy Photo Pro would love to help!

Is Virtual Staging & Decluttering Worth It?

272080909 4898924670169485 8814760177095449967 nThere are a few factors that can either make or break a home listing. Photos are a necessity for buyers to see what the space looks like. Depending on the space, having furniture and belongings in the photos is either a good idea or a bad one. In this blog we are going to go over when virtual staging and decluttering helps a listing and if it’s worth it.

What is Virtual Staging & Decluttering?

Virtual staging and decluttering are a service that real estate photographers, like Cincy Photo Pro, use to enhance listing photos. We take a photo of a space that either has no furniture and/or items and add them in or take the furniture and/or items out with digital tools, instead of the alternative of actual staging with real physical furniture and decor. These digital features can create homeyness, simplicity, accentuation, charm, space, or whatever vibe you are trying to convey. It’s all in accordance to what will make the property look its best.


An example of virtual staging would be here in the photos below. Here we have a space that was empty before, but now in the second photo we’ve added some furniture to give the room warmth and a comfort. This allows viewers and potential buyers/renters visualize how the space could be set up.

Untitled design 2022 11 21T161928.739

An example of virtual decluttering would be here in these photos below. To the right, you have a photo of a room with a lot of unnecessary items. No potential buyer wants to see any of that. It can really take away from the room’s features. Now it's best to have the property ready and cleaned out. But in instances where tenants are involved for an example, we can help. The photo to the right shows how the virtual decluttering has made the space look neater and less disorganized, drawing your eye not to the clutter, but to the room’s features.

Untitled design 2022 11 21T163939.234

Why Use Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging can really help a real estate listing get noticed. Naturally, we are used to seeing decorated and lived-in properties. So, it’s no wonder why this feature helps so many homes sell that might not have as good of a chance on the market as an empty house.

Here are some times that we like to offer virtual staging:

When the property is very plain... Adding furniture and decor can create interest!

When the space has very similar wall colors... Adding in furniture and decor and break up the monotony.

To draw interest away from unflattering features... Some houses are just the way they are. If the seller is not wanting to renovate, it’s better to add to the space to give the unflattering features less focus.

To give creativity or to modernize a space... Virtual staging can give us ideas and creativity. Turn a closet into a book nook or add modern décor to an aged property! Turn that tiny room into a usable office space or show how a strange layout can work!

Virtual staging is not always the answer. Sometimes the saying “less is more” has it right. We find this often in spaces that have unique renovations and outstanding features that are expensive or classic looking such as hardwood or slate flooring. Covering them up might make the onlooker not realize they are there or distract them.

When to Use Virtual Decluttering

Sometimes sellers must put their properties on the market, but still live in them. No virtual staging required! But some of the physical stuff in the space can create an eyesore for potential buyers. Moving all of your personal items for the photo shoot can be a pain, but with virtual decluttering, no need!

Here are some ways virtual decluttering can help:

Bedrooms... They are our personal havens. We certainly don’t want our personal stuff out in photos for all to see. Or even if you aren’t shy, onlookers really don’t need to see your perfume collection. We can remove that pile of laundry, dresser clutter, and box of memories digitally!

Bathrooms... Counters can get crowded. We can take out that mouthwash and even the toothbrushes!

Porches and Basements... Sometime personal items accumulate in these areas. We understand! They are the last places we tend to take things out of. We can eliminate the items to show off the size of the areas better.

A lot of situations call for this feature, but we don’t want to give the potential buyer a fictional sense of what they are looking at. Therefore, we do not edit out natural features or lasting features of a property, no matter how much of an eyesore it can be. We suggest adding features with virtual staging to deter from whatever it is you don’t want attention to be drawn to.

Bottom Line: Is Virtual Staging and Decluttering Worth It?

The National Association of Realtors report that 82% of buyers’ agents state that staging makes it easier for buyers to visualize themselves living in a home. It’s fast, easy, and effective. Not all properties are the same though. As a seller, you must find what works best for your space to give it the best chance it can get on the market!

At Cincy Photo Pro we are visual creatives! We love using the latest technology to make a listing draw its fullest potential of onlookers. Thinking of using virtual staging or decluttering for your photos? Contact us today to get started!