Social Media Photo Tips

Social Media Photo Tips

Social Media Photo Tips

Ongoing content for your website or social media can be challenging. Everyone is capable of doing it on their own with some tips but I do recommend a social media training class to get you started. If you find you don’t have the time or skill to do it on your own, marketing companies are the way to go.

This blog comes to you from a photographer that has worked with marketing companies and businesses to create the visual content they need for their blogs, website, social media, and print materials.

What Do I Post About?

  • Answer your audience's questions
  • Showcase what makes you different
  • Give tips that showcase you as the expert
  • Show off your work
  • Show who you are (talk about your team, congratulate an employee, etc)
  • Make a sales post (*only after giving away a lot of valued information)

1. Answer Audience Questions

What equipment do you use and why? Posting photos of the equipment you have with a list or what you use it for and how this is better than the competition speaks volume. For my client’s construction company this equipment allows them to do bigger jobs in tighter spaces than their competition. Without photos, your clients wouldn’t be able to understand as easily.

HP2X Equipment

2. Showcase What Makes You Different

We are showcasing the owners of this company because it is family owned. In addition, we used the shop as a background so you can look at this photo even without the banner and have a good idea of what they do. What makes them different is that they truly treat you like family. They are honest, have fair prices and will never try to oversell you.

Danco Team

3. Give Tips That Showcase You as the Expert

Give a checklist or some reasons or tips on why your service is needed.

Travel Agent Benefits

4. Show Off Your Work

An obvious example of this is all the photos in this blog, they're photos I've taken! This is an example of showcasing your work in a post. You can do before and afters too or great photos of a product or service you are selling.

Vico's Painting

5. Show Who You Are

Gary Rossignol is a man of many roles. Showcasing him in the elements of what he does is how we showed who he is.

His roles include:

  • Rock n Roll Realtor Hour
  • Realtor
  • Blue Stone Ivory Band
  • West Chester Symphony Orchestra

You can see from the images what he does.

RealtorRock N Roll HourSymphony

6. Make a Sales Post

There are several ways to make a sales post without coming on too strong. One client gives out gift cards to his clients when they buy a house. Another great idea is to do a giveaway. Posting something like this is an easy way to advertise yourself.

Dream Team Giveaway


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