Full Media Packages for Luxury Real Estate Properties

CincyPhotoCincy Photo Pro has grown! Our team has grown beyond just doing plain old photoshoots. We have so many exciting services to offer our clients! Cincy Photo Pro is one of the most robust real estate photography companies in the Cincinnati area. With 11 years in the photography business and experts in the real estate marketing media realm for over 8 of those years, we continue to offer the best media services our clients need and want!

Not only do we make the average home look great, our luxury real estate is top notch. Our photography services really make your listing shine. Check out this all inclusive media package and all its offerings!

Full Media Packages for Luxury Real Estate Properties Packages:

Listings for the most luxurious homes on the market need to stand out. The more details, the better the listing traffic. Realtors have a lot of competition. Why have just a section of a page on Zillow or MLS? You need to think about social media marketing too.
Lure your potential luxury home buyers in with professional drone video of the entire property and its amenities. Give onlookers a virtual 3D tour they can take right from anywhere and share with anyone. Let them see just how big the walk-in closets and bathrooms are with detailed floor plans. Dazzle potential buyers with gorgeous HD photos that showcase all the best angles and lighting. Top it all off with a personalized property website hosting and showcasing all of your media! Here is a recent example of a house on the market just the other day with a full media package.

Let’s dig into each service!

Professional Video

Videos are now more popular than ever, especially in real estate listings. Cincy Photo Pro offers drone footage and video walk through. We can capture a bird’s-eye view of the main property, as well as the surrounding areas. This can be ideal for gated communities with many amenities or brand new developments. Cincy Photo Pro also does commercial drone video of the interior, to give a tour-like feel for the larger spaces with a unique perspective. Make it a lifestyle video for that personalized touch!

Virtual 3D Tours

3D Tours became very popular 2 years ago, but did not fall off in popularity. Many potential home buyers love the idea of not having to physically go to property to tour it initially. This can be very useful for viewers from out of town or people with mobility challenges. This service makes the listing more real for all to see and attract more interested buyers.

Floor Plans

Giving as much detailed information as possible will get you the most ideal buyers. For those that are serious about house shopping, providing a layout complete with measurements is a nice touch. With this information, potential buyers won’t have to guess if their pool table will fit in the family room. They will know.

HD Photos

Today, you should not even consider listing a property without providing quality photos. Take th marketing to the next level with professional HD photography. At Cincy Photo Pro, you can now count on a professional real estate photographer that knows all the best angles, lighting, and tricks to show the property in the best possible way. We can even add digital staging and Twilight Lighting to give it a more appealing and unique look.

Property Website

This service feature is the cherry on top! Why share your listing with the competition and paid ads, when you could get your very own corner of the web?! This website will show all of your chosen features and will be available for as long as you need it to be (probably not very long for prime real estate in Cincinnati). Potential buyers will be impressed with this feature and appreciate it. It is also great to have in your portfolio to show on listing appointments of all the features you plan to do for their house to make your client’s home shine above the rest!

Final Thoughts for Luxury Real Estate Media Packaging

At Cincy Photo Pro, we love to pamper our real estate clients. This package can be customizable in any way you need it to be. We can take more or fewer images, include special add-ons like True Twilight, and even give the opportunity to do a reshoot in case something has changed or you need special updates. See our Real Estate Package page for pricing and details, book here, or give us a call today! 513-324-4206.

Our photographers also understand professionalism. We wear show coverings to protect the floors, are always kind, courteous and show up on time. We have online scheduling for convivence but often can move things around if needed. So please give the Cincy Photo Pro a call or send us an email or text if you can't find the time you need. We will do our best to accommodate.

We also understand you want your real estate media as soon as possible. HD photos are next day turnaround and everything else is typically 24-48 hours. If more invloved video project may have a custom turn-around time and we will communicate that before we begin your project to ensure we are on the same page.

Quality is always of the top most importance for our team. Check out our reviews! Contact us today to get started!

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