How to Capture Special Moments this Christmas: 5 Tips

138298159 10220932114666673 6455233970889869055 nIt’s that unique time of year that makes you want to capture special moments to hold on to them forever. Our environments are adorned with twinkling lights and everyone smiles a little more. It couldn’t be more perfect for pictures! We have some tips on how to capture Christmas moments to remember.

Set Intentionality

How often is it we say “I should have taken a picture of that” or “I wish I had gotten out my camera”. It often happens that we miss the opportunity to capture our favorite moments. Be ahead of the game and set intentionality to take pictures for events and moments.

You can even make a list at the beginning of the season of moments you’d like to capture. They are more likely to be taken if you have it in mind first. Don’t forget to have your camera or device charged and ready!

Pay Attention to Color and Light

You’ll take much better-quality photos when the light sources are helpful. If it’s a little dark in a room, turn on or up the lights, if possible. If you are shooting indoors during the day, natural light can be your friend. Have Subjects face the window so the light shines on them and not behind them.

At night, indoors avoid too much yellow by adjusting the white balance. Look for the “light bulb mode” on your camera. You can also adjust already taken pictures with a “warmth” tool. Only use the flash if it’s really dark. Otherwise, it just washes everything out and casts harsh shadows when using the built in camera flash. You can also guide your Subjects to a well lit room. Often near the kitchen for overhead lighting.

Go Incognito

Candid moments can make the best pictures. In order to capture these, you might have to just snap away. Don’t announce yourself or ask anyone to look at the camera. As soon as people know you have a camera, they either want to run or react unnaturally. Don’t give them a chance. Go on the sidelines at level with the little kids playing, side by side with family hugs, quietly snapping while people are opening gifts to get reactions, etc.

Make It Personal

Unless you are taking pictures for others, remember to capture what YOU want to remember. What pulls on your heartstrings? Focus on details. Is there a decoration that means a lot to you? Take a picture of it! Items and scenery can be just as memorable as people in pictures. Food is often fun to capture and during special events the food can be very picturesque.

Give the Pictures Meaning

After the events are over and we’ve taken great pictures, what happens to them? Are they locked away in a chest or on a phone or hard drive? Make your pictures worth taking by giving them a home afterward.
Send them to a digital frame for your grandparents to treasure (great gift idea)! Make some picture mugs for everyone. Create albums and scrapbooks. That one might seem like an overhaul when you start, but once you get into it, it can be a lot of fun. Get the family in on it. Pictures can really bring people together.

Final Thoughts on How to Capture Special Moments this Christmas

Christmas, along with other times in our lives, comes and goes. When we stop to freeze a moment in time, it can live on. Eventually kids grow up, decorations age, and our gatherings may look a little different in the future. One thing that won’t change, though, are the memories you capture and can share throughout the years.

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