Is Virtual Staging & Decluttering Worth It?

272080909 4898924670169485 8814760177095449967 nThere are a few factors that can either make or break a home listing. Photos are a necessity for buyers to see what the space looks like. Depending on the space, having furniture and belongings in the photos is either a good idea or a bad one. In this blog we are going to go over when virtual staging and decluttering helps a listing and if it’s worth it.

What is Virtual Staging & Decluttering?

Virtual staging and decluttering are a service that real estate photographers, like Cincy Photo Pro, use to enhance listing photos. We take a photo of a space that either has no furniture and/or items and add them in or take the furniture and/or items out with digital tools, instead of the alternative of actual staging with real physical furniture and decor. These digital features can create homeyness, simplicity, accentuation, charm, space, or whatever vibe you are trying to convey. It’s all in accordance to what will make the property look its best.


An example of virtual staging would be here in the photos below. Here we have a space that was empty before, but now in the second photo we’ve added some furniture to give the room warmth and a comfort. This allows viewers and potential buyers/renters visualize how the space could be set up.

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An example of virtual decluttering would be here in these photos below. To the right, you have a photo of a room with a lot of unnecessary items. No potential buyer wants to see any of that. It can really take away from the room’s features. Now it's best to have the property ready and cleaned out. But in instances where tenants are involved for an example, we can help. The photo to the right shows how the virtual decluttering has made the space look neater and less disorganized, drawing your eye not to the clutter, but to the room’s features.

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Why Use Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging can really help a real estate listing get noticed. Naturally, we are used to seeing decorated and lived-in properties. So, it’s no wonder why this feature helps so many homes sell that might not have as good of a chance on the market as an empty house.

Here are some times that we like to offer virtual staging:

When the property is very plain... Adding furniture and decor can create interest!

When the space has very similar wall colors... Adding in furniture and decor and break up the monotony.

To draw interest away from unflattering features... Some houses are just the way they are. If the seller is not wanting to renovate, it’s better to add to the space to give the unflattering features less focus.

To give creativity or to modernize a space... Virtual staging can give us ideas and creativity. Turn a closet into a book nook or add modern décor to an aged property! Turn that tiny room into a usable office space or show how a strange layout can work!

Virtual staging is not always the answer. Sometimes the saying “less is more” has it right. We find this often in spaces that have unique renovations and outstanding features that are expensive or classic looking such as hardwood or slate flooring. Covering them up might make the onlooker not realize they are there or distract them.

When to Use Virtual Decluttering

Sometimes sellers must put their properties on the market, but still live in them. No virtual staging required! But some of the physical stuff in the space can create an eyesore for potential buyers. Moving all of your personal items for the photo shoot can be a pain, but with virtual decluttering, no need!

Here are some ways virtual decluttering can help:

Bedrooms... They are our personal havens. We certainly don’t want our personal stuff out in photos for all to see. Or even if you aren’t shy, onlookers really don’t need to see your perfume collection. We can remove that pile of laundry, dresser clutter, and box of memories digitally!

Bathrooms... Counters can get crowded. We can take out that mouthwash and even the toothbrushes!

Porches and Basements... Sometime personal items accumulate in these areas. We understand! They are the last places we tend to take things out of. We can eliminate the items to show off the size of the areas better.

A lot of situations call for this feature, but we don’t want to give the potential buyer a fictional sense of what they are looking at. Therefore, we do not edit out natural features or lasting features of a property, no matter how much of an eyesore it can be. We suggest adding features with virtual staging to deter from whatever it is you don’t want attention to be drawn to.

Bottom Line: Is Virtual Staging and Decluttering Worth It?

The National Association of Realtors report that 82% of buyers’ agents state that staging makes it easier for buyers to visualize themselves living in a home. It’s fast, easy, and effective. Not all properties are the same though. As a seller, you must find what works best for your space to give it the best chance it can get on the market!

At Cincy Photo Pro we are visual creatives! We love using the latest technology to make a listing draw its fullest potential of onlookers. Thinking of using virtual staging or decluttering for your photos? Contact us today to get started!

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