Wedding Tips to Keep You Relaxed

wedding coordinator

It is important that you are relaxed and enjoy the moment on your wedding day. Having a team of people to help make sure everything runs smoothly is key.

Wedding Coordinator 

We encourage couples to hire a wedding coordinator. They help manage everything. From planning to decor and execution. If you are having a large affair or having an event at a park or home, I highly recommend a great wedding coordinator.
  1. Reduce stress. Your wedding coordinator knows what to expect, and how to handle the unexpected.  This reduces stress and takes away all the time demands. 
  2. Weddings can be like family reunions. Wedding coordinators can manage the needs of your guests. Trust them to manage hotel accommodations, welcome baskets, maps and directions, and more. 
  3. Trying to save money? Often the wedding coordinator knows exactly where to cut corners that the guests will never notice. Examples of this are in choosing flower options, monogrammed napkins, and goodies. 
  4. Wedding coordinators save the day from last-minute anxieties. No more crying over the groom's tux or finding your grandmother's corsage. Consider the problem solved!

Wedding Photography 

Your photographer is very important as well to keep the timeline until you get to the reception. You spend the entire day with your wedding photographer. Make sure you enjoy being around the person. It is important you like their photos, but you won’t be relaxed unless you like the photographer as a person.
  1. wedding photographer cincinnatiMake sure your personalities with your photographer mesh.
  2. Determine the style you want and find a photographer that have samples of that style.
  3. Itinerary - your photographer should help determine your timeline. They know how long it takes for them to get the images that you want, so they should know when they need people where.
  4. Portrait checklist - be sure to finalize this with your photographer at least 2 weeks prior to your wedding. This will ensure Aunt Susie isn’t left out of the family photos and you get all the images you want.
  5. Your photographer should be relaxed so you are relaxed. Having an understanding and being able to explain your expectations ensures everyone is on the same page. If your photographer executes the explanation of how your day should run, then it will most likely go as planned. You can feel rest assured everything will go well.
  6. Allow buffer room - your photographer should allow for a little buffer room on time in case things take a little longer than expected. If there is extra time you can always go for additional creative images, no one complains about that.

Your Wedding DJ 

Your DJ or band will take over the timeline at the reception. But more than that, the band adds fun to the party! 
  1. Interview DJ options to hire a wedding DJ that matches your style.  What is their specialty? 
  2. Ask the wedding DJ to supply the master playlist in advance. No surprises. 
  3. Confirm the DJ has liability insurance. 
  4. Make sure they are in communication with your photographer and coordinator so no one misses anything.
  5. Your DJ should know how to get the crowd excited and should understand the timeline.
  6. A great DJ will listen to you and help recommend songs and reception events based on your needs and personality! 
If you don’t know where to start, contact Dream Team - Wedding and Events concierge service to help connect you to some of the best vendors!
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