4 Essential Senior Portrait Tips

Jayla 3039Now that school is back in session, it's time to start thinking about celebrating high school and college seniors! We have some essential senior portrait tips to capture one of the most important achievements in life!

1. Choose a Great Location

When we state “great” it does not mean best in general. This should be meaningful to the person being captured. Choosing somewhere that actually means something to them will make the moment more memorable. Not sure where that location might be? No worries! A photography studio works just fine. There is also an array of different places that can make this moment meaningful.

Here are some meaningful location ideas!

  • The Campus of Your School
  • A Local Park You Love
  • A Bustling City That Inspires You
  • Different Places in Your Neighborhood

2. Pick Out the Right Clothing

What you are wearing will live in the portrait as long as the images exist, so choose wisely! A lot of seniors will have different outfit changes for options. You can do a classic cap and gown look and/or your uniform or club/sports attire! Whatever you choose, make it really speak for what you want to represent to sum up this time in your life. Don’t listen to current trends that tell you to wear something that is not your style. This is your choice. Make it count!

3. Posing for the Camera

You might think that the photographer will tell you all the poses, but that’s not always the case. Sure, professional photographers will help you pose for some pictures, but your opinion is important here. Decide ahead of time what stance or pose flatters your personality and body. Don’t forget to consider what you’ll be wearing and any props involved.

4. Choose the Photographer for Your Needs

This one can be tricky, especially if you don’t have any potential photographers in mind. Do some research and talk to different friends and/or post grads that have gone through this. Remember that the best pictures you find might not necessarily give you an accurate profile for the photographer’s style or personality. Read reviews and get referrals for a great fit.

Bottom Line for Senior Portrait Tips

We hope these senior portrait tips have helped you to decide on an image that can define such an important time in your life! Keep in mind that even the best laid plans don’t always pan out. Rain can pour during a photoshoot in the park and bad hair days happen when you least expect them! Be ready to pivot and keep a positive attitude. Happy senior year!

You have had a long journey to get here, and are rounding in the last year before that next phase of life. Cincy Photo Pro is ready to create a portrait experience that will capture the essence of your senior year! Contact us today to get started.

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