6 Tips for Picture Day at School

Lucas Martin 5857 high resCan you believe school is right around the corner? Soon your kids will be reading, writing, and taking school pictures. To make sure they are looking their best and not stressing out, we have some tips that will make picture day easier and the shots fantastic!

1. Mark the Day

Don’t let this day sneak up on you. Often, morning prep can be frantic and your little one(s) must rush out the door forgetting to run a brush through their hair. It happens. But not on this day! Wake up a little earlier and make sure they are aware, but not stressed about it.

2. Let Them Choose

We all have been guilty of having a certain image we’d love for our children to portray, but we must fight that urge. They are individuals, although young. It’s a great stepping stone for individuality to let them decide their own look.

This does not mean you cannot help out though. About a week or a few days before, plan the look! Help them find something that looks good on them. If they are struggling with what to wear, here are some tips!

  • Narrow it down to color. What is their favorite?
  • Avoid slogans or logos. We want the child to be the focal point, not their shirt.
  • Go for something simpler for the reason above and avoid big patterns and gaudy accessories.
  • Make sure you know what poses will be shot. Will their bottom half matter?

This will help get them excited instead of stressed on picture day.

3. Plan Hair & Outfit Ahead of Time

When you get input on what they want, make sure ahead of time the outfit is clean and ready. If you have to go shopping, take them with you to make the selection. Finding out the one shirt they wanted to wear is in the laundry on picture day is not ideal.

Figure out what hairstyle they want to have. If it works out, plan on getting a haircut a few weeks or days ahead, depending on if you want that fresh cut look. For longer hair, wake up early for an intricate style. Planning ahead when that is the case is ideal to allow for the best outcome.

4. Props?

Learn ahead of time if props are allowed. This may be important for the outfit as well. Let them choose what they want, but be helpful in their choosing. Are they involved in a club or team? If so, maybe pom-poms for cheerleaders or a basketball to show team spirit? If the choice is too hard, props are not a necessity.

5. Sneak a Comb in their Pocket

Back in the day, we used to be given little pocket combs on picture day. This might not happen today, so stick a comb in their pocket or backpack to catch those fly aways!

family bravery and courage strong powerful dad a 2022 02 03 10 28 36 utc6. Encourage Courage

Picture day can often be a dreaded day for some children. Depending on their age, they can be stressed about their physical image. Be sure they know you are supportive in how they look. Give them compliments. Avoid being overly zealous about their appearance. Sometimes less is more, especially on picture day!

Bottom Line for Picture Day

We hope these tips help your kiddos in capturing that one-of-a-kind moment. If picture day does not go as well as planned, that is okay! There are always other opportunities to get great photos on the fly or at a local studio!

Did you know Cincy Photo Pro has a team that does smaller organization school and team portraits? We understand the patience, skill, and personality requirements to work with kids of all ages. Trust our team to bring out their true smiles and personalities that you see at home in the portraits that are taken!


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