4 Reasons You Need Drone Footage for Your Business

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While watching a nature documentary, you might notice the breathtaking overhead shots of an expansive Sahara or a herd of animals on the move. This type of footage would be almost impossible to capture if it wasn’t for drone technology. The trend has become popular among hobbyists and natural observers, but drones are expanding their useful reach into the business sector and it is really paying off! We are sharing just a few reasons you, as a business owner, might want to look into drone photography and videography services for your company!


1. Aerial Photography and Videography Gives the Best and Most Unique Perspective

When it comes to views, drone footage has even the bravest photographer beaten in getting the best overhead shot. Is your competition using drone technology? If not, this is a perfect opportunity to be one step ahead! The possibilities are endless with what can be put together to give your brand that unique touch.

You might say, “we don’t really need drone photos and videos” or “it doesn’t make sense for what we offer”. Think of your brand marketing. Do potential clients know WHO you are or WHERE you serve? Imagine a drone shot or video of your staff team in front of your headquarters, panning out to show your entire building and the city it’s serving from above. This type of impressive content gives a unique perspective of your company. They can now make that necessary, personal touch much better than any stock footage will ever be able to do.


2. Your Before and After's will Shine and Show the Full Picture.

We are looking at you – roofers, real estate agents, landscapers, developers, the list goes on... We all know that before and after footage really has the power to pull potential clients in due to their compelling ability to show the difference that was made. Nothing helps market a company more than a visual testimony like that.

Let’s take a roofer that wants to show off a job well done. If they take photos or video from the ground, they can’t truly give you a full picture (possibly not even a good picture) of the difference that was made. Taking a shot or video from the top of the roof will provide the same problem. Take drone footage of the house roof before and after and we can get a clearer and more definitive example of the difference that was made!

3. Helps Show Hard-to-Reach Areas in a Safer Way

More and more we are hearing about nature enthusiasts climbing up to a high place to get that perfect shot and then falling. These safety risks could be avoided! Drones can go almost anywhere possible and tackle any tricky angle.

A short list of risky, but worthwhile footage could be a new investment development in progress, environmental research studies, action footage of new transportation technology and more! Skip the risk by sticking to the ground and let the drone do the work! It will always do a much better job than any person will be able, and no one has to risk hurting themselves.


4. Drone Footage Prove Helpful for Insurance Purposes

No matter the type of company you have, we all must deal with insurance at some point. Whether it is for a brick and mortar or a specific product, getting the perfect picture or video of the situation could be key to saving money and time.

Take for instance, a tree falls on your business building. You’ll want to get some compelling shots of the damage for your insurance to consider coverage. The trouble lies in trying to take the shots without putting yourself at risk. A damaged structure can be unstable and unpredictable. A drone could take the necessary shots with ease! Getting dated aerial footage before and after the damage would also be recommended, just in case!


Bottom Line

Drone photography and videography is still very cutting edge. Using this new technology shows you are ahead of the game! We all want to give the very best outlook on our business. Drone footage will give that needed outlook and more. Give potential clients and even your own staff a reason to be proud with an impressive overhead view!

Looking to capture that one-of-a-kind aerial shot and/or video? Krista at Cincy Photo Pro is ready to capture it! She is Drone Certified and has been doing this type of footage for over 4 years! Contact her today at info@cincyphotopro!



Krista took photos of Cedar Ridge Apartments for us. She was professional and so fun to work with. We got still shots of inside the apartments and outside as well as drone footage. They came out so good! The video she created caught the essence of who we are and what makes us unique and I can't wait to use the photos! Highly recommend!

~ Elizabeth on Google

Krista came to our location to photograph face shots of our Executives as well as some shots within the plant. The pictures came out wonderful. The Aerial of our building was simply stunning. I highly recommend Krista Silz Photography.”

~ Donna on Google

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