How to Prepare for Real Estate Pictures

2585 Rosings Park Dr Mason 9081As a realtor you have so many obligations when it comes to preparing a house to sell. Communication with the owners is critical for on-site marketing efforts. One of the efforts that pays off extremely well is taking professional pictures and videos. There are times though when the pictures won’t even do the property justice and that is when the property is not ready. We’re going to go over some key preparation items to get your real estate property ready for the photographer!


The Exterior

The owner might have done a million updates like landscaping and painting, but all of that might not come across when potential customers are seeing a car in the driveway or your patio furniture is in weird positions. These things might seem silly or minimal, but they can be distracting to what is truly important, the house! Make sure there are no toys, hoses, or branches laying around. Go to the curb and pretend you are going to take a picture to see what else you can do.


Main Areas 

Photographers can lighten up photos, but it only goes so far. Help out by turning on all the lights and letting as much natural lighting in as possible. This will give the area a warm, inviting appearance! Lighting also helps show space as well. Beyond cleaning and decluttering, encourage owners to lessen their personal items. Potential buyers will want to imagine their belongings in the space. Just like with the exterior, remove distractions by turning off fans and televisions. You want to draw eyes to the pretty wall color or architectural nook, not what’s on TV!


Personal Areas (Bathrooms/Bedrooms) 

We can’t tell you how frustrating it is to shoot a truly beautiful bathroom that has been adorned with cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products and clutter! Buyers won’t get past all that stuff to see the unique tile design or anything else you want them to see. Encourage owners to clean like it’s their jobs. If they are struggling with clutter, ask them to grab a box, load it up and hide it all in a closet that is not being shot.



This area is one of the most important spaces in the whole house. Potential buyers will often base their sales decisions strictly on this room. It’s important that it look clean and fresh. Remove “lived-in” items like magnets from the fridge or sink sponges. You might not think a dishtowel would be a big deal, but it could distract from whatever’s behind it, such as the stove or backsplash. The idea is to get buyers eyes on the best attributes, such as an updated counter or lighting.


Dining Room

2016130520This might sound a little contradictory from the “removing lived-in" and stuff, but if you have a dining room table photographers find it best when there is something on it. Consider setting the table or having a centerpiece such as a bowl of fruit. Make sure you don’t choose items that will be too distracting like a giant flashy vase or really busy plates. Try to aim for what you see in designer catalogues that go for plain, but decorative.


Bottom Line

Prepare for these pictures as you would if you were showing off the house to real potential buyers. Make it presentable-looking, clean, and welcoming! Photographers tend to be looked at as miracle workers. It is true, we can make the lighting look better and know all the best angles, but we cannot prepare the areas ourselves. Here’s a quick and easy checklist to get you ready!

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