How Photographers Make Your Headshots Look so Great

Selfie HeadshotEven the best make-up and backdrop can only go so far. Some photographers seem like magicians with the way they improve your headshots. They work hard during and after shooting to give you the best impression possible. It’s more than air brushing blemishes. In this blog we are going to give you an inside look into what goes into creating the perfect headshot from the photographer’s perspective.

Photographers Know What Professional Looks Like

Different styles and looks vary depending on the eye of the beholder. We understand this notion, but there are some basic norms professional photographers keep in mind. They take into account the purpose and person. Every shoot will be different. For instance, you will have different headshots as a lawyer in a corporate setting vs a stand-up comedian. Both can be done professionally though. Skilled photographers will guide you to what will look best to before and during the shoot. They also take into account the individual and will help them express their best selves.

Photographers Will Adjust for Lighting

Before and after the shoot, photographers work hard to make sure the lighting is just right. They are always prepped with the right equipment to make the difference during and the best software to adjust after. There are some environments that don’t hand themselves to perfect lighting. As prepared as the most professional photographer will be, even they can get caught up with unforeseen shade or super bright light. A true professional will be able to take great photos in almost any situation with the proper equipment.

Photographers Help Pose You

A not so fond memory for many is school picture day. Remember when the photographer told you how to sit and what to do with your hands. Those directions were to achieve a certain type of look desired. By nature, we can be awkward. Photographers keep this in mind and help guide you by giving you direction of what to do with your body when you have no clue, and let’s face it, we really don’t. We all have strange stances or can look awkward when not posed properly. In the same respect, that can also be avoided when you are posed in a flattering way that fits your specific body style.

Photographers Do More Than Just Airbrushing

What comes to mind when we think of photo editing is erasing wrinkles and blemishes, but photographers do so much more than that. The best photographer will consider what YOU want. Some might want the more natural look, and that is okay. They will give you a preview of the unedited photos and take special notes on what you like and what you don’t about the photographs. After the session, they can work for a long time making adjustments. You’ll never notice that hair that was out of place, because they can fix that! Or that belish that popped up the morning of your photoshoot. Your images will look like you and not over processed either.

Photographers Give You Background Options

Depending on where the headshots take place, photographers will use natural background (park or room you are in) or set up backdrops. They background is chosen by what makes sense for the purpose of your photo and sometimes by your Outfit. This makes it easy to use in multiple ways. If you are wanting your portrait to convert to different backdrops or business cards, professional photographers can create a transparent cutout of you to be placed however you please! Don't you love modern technology?

Photographers Will Put You at Ease

Being nervous is totally normal during a headshot session. A great photographer will try to put you at ease. They will usually get to know you first with a consultation, so that you don’t feel that weird sense of stranger danger. It’s best to read reviews and meet them ahead of time to get a feel for them to put you at ease and make sure that they are the right photographer for you. Sometimes a simple conversation on the phone will work too.

Bottom Line

Whenever professional is your goal, make sure you get a seasoned photographer that is experienced with head shots. Survey their work and get recommendations. Don’t settle for taking photos with your phone. The person who you are submitting them to, whether it be a director or potential customer, will be able to tell the difference and sometimes that will make them choose your competition over YOU.

In need of headshots to give you that professional edge?

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