8 Reasons Why Professional Pictures Help Sell a House

House hunting can be fun, especially when you can get a sneak peek into what the house actually looks like. Nothing will turn potential home buyers away faster than a picture that has low resolution, does not show enough, or is out of focus. Your house could be a diamond, but it’s stuck in the rough without great photography. Here we have some reasons why it’s best to just hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your house.

1. We are used to the polished look.

You know, that magazine look where everything is perfect. The general US population loves it and wants more of it! We might say we don’t, but when it comes to looking for your dream home, it’s true. Even if the property costs less, professional photos can give the house a polished look that will still impress.

Professional Real Estate Photography

2. Professional photos look better online.

Today, most real estate listings are viewed online. When uploading a picture, whether it be on a website or social media outlet, there will be guidelines. If these are not followed you could end up with pictures that have low resolution, have abnormalities, etc. It’s extremely important that you find out what grade photos will look best. A professional photographer will know these guidelines and have the equipment and software necessary to make it look perfect.

3. Photographers know angles and lighting.

They have the knowledge of what to use and how to use it. Sometimes it is about the equipment. Knowing how to use your settings along with adding proper lighting takes practice and isn't as easy as you may think.

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4. Photographers notice details.

You might not notice the clutter in the corner or that reflection in the mirror, but they will. Professional photographers will take images at specific angles to showcase the room in the best way possible.

5. Mechanics matter.

In a match of freehand vs tripod, the tripod wins every time. If an iPhone went up against professional photography equipment, you’ll also get the expected result. The outcome is most noticeable in darker rooms where the small sensor of a phone or tablet just cannot compete.

6. They can fix what is wrong.

Sometimes there is a patch on a wall that will be painted the next day or an empty room that needs to be shown with furniture, but there is no budget for staging. Photographers can virtually stage a space to make an otherwise empty room look furnished!

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7. Professionals will go the extra mile.

While you are communicating with the seller or doing tasks not on site, photographers can be at the property capturing the marketing data necessary to help sell your listing. Whether you need HD photos, drone images, video, or 3D interactive tours, a talented photographer can have it covered and delivered in your inbox in no time. The options are more robust and will make the difference!

8. You will need help.

It’s alright to admit that you can’t make updates to your home, answer the abundance of calls, decide how much to list it for, and market the house all at the same time. You will need help! Professional photographers are a great extension of your marketing team! Communication and availability are key when it comes to real estate. Photographers will understand this.

Bottom Line
Selling your home is tough work. Delegate some of it to the professionals. It will pay off and reduce the stress you will have. You will also have a smaller window of time to deal with it because your house will sell much faster with professionally taken photos.

Need a photographer for your listing? Call Krista at Cincy Photo Pro! She’s been shooting real estate since 2018 and has been in business since 2011. Krista and her team know how to make your property look amazing! We have a turnaround time of 24 hours for most media and 48-36 hours for videos or virtual tours, depending on size of the property.


Being available along with quick correspondence is something we take pride in at Cincy Photo Pro. We also understand that every property is different. We’ll take the time to learn what specific needs and requirements you have and implement them. Krista is constantly upgrading what we offer to help our customers stand out from their competition. Tag us on your listings on social media and we will be sure to share and promote it as well.

Real Estate Testimonials


***** 5 Star Review*****

“Have worked with Krista and her team at Cincy Photo Pro for almost a year and will be working with them for many more to come. Quality work, affordable photography packages tailored to your specific needs. From 3D tours and 2d floor plans to drone shots and HD photos, Cincy Photo Pro is top notch!”

~ Sean Roberts


*****5 Star Review*****

"Krista is amazing . She always does an exceptional job on making my clients home look amazing.”

~ MIsha Houston


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