The Importance of Family Holiday Photos

How many times have you had a holiday come and go by and wished you had taken more pictures, or any at all? It’s hard when there’s so much to do and when trying to live in the moment. We have some helpful tips when it comes to taking family pictures during the holidays.

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It seems like a chore to stop everything to take even one picture. Think of future gatherings though, and how looking back on memories can bring us closer together, especially during a time when it’s difficult to be near each other. Pick out one or a few creative members of the family that are not bogged down. Ask them to take some candid shots and a few group ones during a holiday gathering.

This will ensure that someone is responsible and will remember to capture the time, hopefully. It could also be a good task for someone craving involvement. Aside from an adult, ask a kid to take some pictures. You’ll be amazed at how much people warm up to getting their picture taken when a kid is behind the camera!

Taking the Pictures

Candid Shots
Whoever takes the pictures should know how to take candid photos. These are photos that are not posed. It’s simply capturing the moment unfolding. Make sure to get plenty of children being children. There’s always something exciting going on among the young ones that make for a fun picture.

Group Shots
Group shots can be tricky, especially when it’s a large group. Try a place where the sun is behind and use a fill flash or white Styrofoam to help reflect the sun for better lighting. Or, find a good shady area. Choose a background that is simple and not too busy. Outside near foliage is perfect as long as the sun is cooperating. Clouds are your friends. If shadows are a problem find shade. Practice with one person to find the perfect spot before you bring the entire group out so no one gets tired of waiting.

Tips and Tricks
• Take multiple shots! How many times have you taken a shot and someone had their eyes closed? Don’t risk it. Take a few to get one good one!
• Don’t forget about settings for shutter delay and time lapse, where everyone can be in the photo! No need for one person to miss out on the fun. Set the device down and join in!
• Style the photos with color and effects! Using Snapchat might not be ideal depending, but some of the filters are just funny. Do some black and white shots or sepia shots! Get creative!
• If someone is shy, don’t be pushy. There are those that don’t like their pictures taken. That is okay. Perhaps you can capture a candid of them!
• Take flattering pictures. No matter how much you want to pester your cousin or sibling, taking an unflattering picture can start a war. Don’t use a picture that someone is not okay with seeing. A lot of us are self-conscious of all kinds of things. Be courteous!

Gift Ideas

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for taking pictures! That way, you will have time to develop them into Christmas presents! Who wouldn’t want a mug with Grandma on it or an ornament with the whole family? Personalized types of gifts are the best ones to give and receive. There’s a 100% guarantee that they will not be re-gifted or thrown away. These gifts will be treasured and passed down for years to come! My Dad asks for updates every couple years! And has all the mugs on display.

Some great ideas I love to use and my clients do too!

• Coasters with the family picture or each of the grand kids
• Framed or canvas print
• Picture mugs
• Blankets
• Key chains or luggage tags
• Albums
• Necklace with a photo as a charm
• GIFT CARD for a photo shoot in the spring!

Bottom Line

Pictures have a very important way in transporting us to a better time. We all could use that right now. The holidays can be hard for some. This year has been rough, to say the least. If you aren’t able to see the ones you love for the holidays, use old photos from the past to bring cheer. Make presents and share them frequently! Remind those you love that they are still in your thoughts!

In need of capturing special moments? Cincy Photo Pro would love to help! From newborn photos to family pictures or even your company team photos! We strive to make your memories last. Contact us today.

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