The Value of a Photograph

Nowadays when you see a picture, it is likely on a screen. We’ve forgotten the special feel and look of a photograph on actual photo paper. Not that long ago, we carried school pictures, business cards, and other memorable tangible objects. Why? Because they made us feel good! Just taking 1 minute out of your day to glance at a special memory can reduce stress and turn your frown upside down. We have some special mentions to commemorate the physical photo. Check them out and take stock in some of these unique ideas that still hold true to today’s ways of remembering that special moment.

framed photosPictures are for Decoration

One practice of decor that still works in all homes today is the framed photo on a wall or table. Grandma’s walls are lined with them! I’d make a bet that yours are too! We hold serious value in putting our memories on display to give our living space some identity. These are the people that live here or people that we hold dear. These pictures tell their stories!

Many of them serve as art pieces and remain timeless when it comes to home decor, especially pictures taken of a landscape that you care about. The next time you are considering what to hang on your wall, go get a physical picture you care a lot about! Blow it up and have it framed. You’ll never regret the decision of being able to share and look at that treasured memory any time you want.

Pictures are for Sharing

Think about your older relatives. Sharing pictures over social media or text message could still be completely foreign to them. Therefore, the physical picture is still something we should invest in. Your children are growing and getting school photos taken most years. Or you might have had a special event like a wedding with pictures taken. Don’t you think your grandparents would enjoy receiving a good old-fashioned picture in the mail? How special would that make them feel!? This is a very good idea right now, as older people are feeling very isolated and alone. Brighten their day with a picture they can put in their wallet or hang on the fridge!

Everyone has that box of pictures they dig out occasionally. Wouldn’t it be sad if that box just disappeared? If you need a pick-me-up, going through that box works every time! One of the best activities can be getting together with family and going through old photos. You’ll probably laugh and possibly cry. This time spent will also enrich your relationships even further through sharing stories and getting to know each other that much more. It’s a treasured time!

Pictures are for Recognitionbillboard marketing

Even with digital advertising on the continuous rise, we still get flooded with magazines, fliers, billboards, and business cards. These physical publications would not be nearly as successful if they didn’t include pictures! Now, think of a billboard of a famous local lawyer. You should be able to pick them out of a line-up. It’s because their physical picture has been shown to you repeatedly. You recognize that face! In business, recognition is very important. Otherwise, you might not be an option the next time your potential customer is shopping. Next time you purchase a physical ad, make sure your face, face of your mascot, or logo is included!


Bottom Line

It’s hard to say what the future holds, but the time of taking your disposable camera or film to the “camera store” to get it developed seems to be over. You might be able to take it to a department store that has a photo section, but even those are thinning out. No matter the lengths you might have to go to get a picture printed, do it! They make the best presents! Have a picture printed on a mug or shirt to give it special longevity. Even the younger generations will enjoy that type of gift.

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