4 Tips for the Perfect Head Shot

Have you ever had a professional picture taken that you just dislike? Whether it is the lighting or your makeup, several things can affect them. Normally, a professional photographer should note such things, but some do not. They might mention some caveats that you might not understand, but makes sense to them. We hope to give some simple tips to make your head shots turn out picture perfect!

headshot 1. Location Matters

The outdoors are wonderful! The lush green can add a beautiful backdrop to any photo. The trouble is, that environment can set a specific tone. From experience, we have had clients that have wanted their photos outside, but then complained that they looked like graduation photos. Be careful in choosing your surroundings. If you want outside professional photos for a business card, perhaps choose an outside setting that isn’t so colorful. The lighting is also difficult to work with, as the photographer has to work with the sun and clouds. It might just be best to keep it indoors. Save the woodsy backdrop for the family photos.
However, brick or your business in the background maybe the perfect outdoor setting! Be sure to discuss your vision with your photographer. They can help you choose the perfect location! 

2. Spiffy Up, but Don’t Overdo It

The goal is to encompass what makes you, well... you! Avoid going out and buying new make-up or getting a different haircut. You will end up looking like another person, which can be a huge mistake, especially in marketing. You want your clients to recognize you from picture to real life. Just spend a little more time getting ready as you would normally do. If you are concerned about hair and makeup, perhaps have a friend or relative help you out or schedule an appoint with your beautician before your session!

3. Take a Few Different Clothing Pieces

On the way to the shoot, anything could happen, and since we just jinxed you, something ultimately will happen. It’s just life! To avoid having to run back home, take a few different favorite clothing pieces with you. You might get to the shoot and change your mind on the color you’re feeling. Nothing is better than having options, especially with pictures! You may have the option to change on site and have more variety to your selection of images as well. Always ask!

Also, don’t forget that the picture is traditionally from the waist (at the lowest) and up. No need to fret about your shoes unless you want a full body shot!
For what to wear, we have a few suggestions:

  • Don’t wear all black or all white, but don’t go too bright and colorful either. Somewhere in between works best.
  • Avoid distracting busy patterns.
  • Stay neutral and stick to solid colors.
  • Try not to have any logos showing unless it is pertinent to the business.
  • Choose accessories you don’t wear all the time to give it a special feel.
  • Like we said before, the more options the better!

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Take Some Fun Ones!

Head shots can be so serious. We see the need for a majority of professional feeling shots, but save a few for some fun ones. Crack a smile and make some funny faces! Interestingly enough, clients absolutely love seeing the casual side business owners and professionals. It shows that they are still human and relatable. At Cincy Photo Pro, we like to take a multitude of unique pictures and give you the option on which ones you like best.


Bottom Line

Whether you are a realtor, model, or business owner, the head shot will give you an advantage over the competition! The image really sets a professional tone, which will make a lasting impression.
We at Cincy Photo Pro understand this need. We work hard to give our clients the highest opportunity of confidence and assurance. We dont just take 1 or 2 images. We provide an impressive set to choose from so you can be sure to have images you will love!!
It is important that we provide this opportunity to individuals as well as large companies. Headshot days are once a month for great deals and a scheduling program to help coordinate large groups with minimal down time.

Don’t miss out! Schedule your headshot session today!

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