7 Asks Before Hiring a Photographer

The right picture can make a great impact. Whether you want special shots of your 1-year-old smashing a cake or need professional shots for your cake business, you must hire a photographer for the best quality shots. Our current market is packed full of these professionals, some free-lancers and some high-end. Where do you start? I have 7 tips for what to look for in a photographer.


1. What is Their Style?

No one photographer will take pictures and edit them the same way as another. They will each have a style, evident or not. Before you decide on a referred favorite, check out their portfolio. Do you like most of the pictures you see? Will they match the demands of the style you are going for? Setting this standard will help you weed through the masses.

2. Are They Experienced for Your Needs?

Depending on what you require, it is good to hire a professional who has worked that type of event/business/portrait type you are looking for. This is especially true if you need photos taken for your business. For example, photographers that are used to taking pictures for a Realtor will be great at capturing indoor spaces, while a wildlife photographer will be better at capturing the outdoors. A photographer that usually takes landscape photography may not be the best choice for portraits. A wedding photographer however, needs to be well rounded as they do a little of everything to capture your special day.


3. What Equipment Do They Use?

It is not unheard of for a “professional” photographer you found on Craigslist to show up for the shoot with just their cell phone. Even if it is the best image-taking phone on the market, what a letdown! Ask them what equipment they use. This might seem like an insulting question, but most photographers have invested a lot in their gear and would love to tell you about it. If you feel apprehensive, check out their website or social media profiles. There’s bound to be a post of them at work.

4. Are They Certified?

One of the best questions, especially if you are paying a lot of money, is what certifications do they have? Usually their website should list these, but if not, ask. Certification might not seem like an enormous deal, but if you are getting professional drone shots, the photographer must be FAA certified. All professional photographers should have liability insurance. It doesn’t seem common, but accidents can happen during a photo shoot.

5. Will They Represent You Correctly?

When the photographer shows up to shoot your wedding in ripped jeans and a dirty tee shirt, that’s a red flag! This is especially true for businesses that need to communicate professionalism through their images. For example, Krista at Cincy Photo Pro always shows up dressed to impress. She knows no photos will be taken of her, but Krista realizes she is representing the company and the clientele she wishes to work with.

6. What is Their Process

Go over the fine details. You might find out on down the road that you should have thought about accommodations much sooner. Make sure the booking, shooting on site, and delivery of images works with your needs. Don’t feel you will overwhelm them with these inquiries. It will be expected. They’d rather go over these things now than have unfortunate realizations later.

7. What is Their Turnaround

Knowing how soon you need your images is important. Ask what their time frame is and decide if it matches yours. Make sure you ask about pricing. They could have an expediting fee if you need them a little sooner than usual. Cincy Photo Pro rarely charges such fees. A simple request is usually all that is needed.

Bottom Line

Knowing who will do the right job in your eyes can be stressful. It is a big deal. To ensure you are making a good choice, use these tips and take a deep breath. The goal is to hire a great photographer that will meet your needs all the way through the process. Cincy Photo Pro is proud to say that we’ve been capturing happy clients since the start! Check out our gallery, 5 star Google reviews, and call us today. We would love to have a conversation about your next photo shoot!


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