All Your Marketing Efforts Will Suffer Without Good Branded Photography. Here's Why...

corporate photographyInvesting in yourself and your business is vital to the growth you aim to achieve. As a small business owner, one of the best investments you will make is in a good photographer. Quality branded photography will have a huge impact on your success as well as the success of your clients. But what is is branded photography?

Photography Is a Key Componenet of Your Visual Branding

Branded photography starts with the question...  "How do I want my clients to experience my company and my staff from the first time they meet me to our first sale?" Visuals are an essential part of branding and even good advertising can fail with bad pictures. Your logo is part of your brand and the rest of your visual forms of communication are also. Your visual brand also include emails, blogs, webpages, social media, business cards, and more! Having great photography increases the ability of your marketing to develop a lead into a customer. 

Photography vs Branded Photography

But what’s the difference between photography and branded photography? Branded photography should be reflective of who you are and what your brand is. You should be consistent with your aesthetics, keep your brand colors in mind always, allow images to mirror your values and goals, and ultimately make you and your company more of a fit for your targeted clients.

Getting Started With Branded Photography

  1. Establish a Purpose - Create a list of what you’re aiming to achieve. What sets your business apart? What are you working on or towards that you are the most passionate about and eager to see come to life? What are you anticipating as far as growth? Your purpose will be what motivates you, your company, and the photographer. 
  2. Start a Collection of Photos - Find photos you like online and in magazines that you would like to have for your company. It will really be helpful when meeting with your photographer so narrow down just what you are looking for in your visual branding. 
  3. Hire a Photographer - Use your network and the internet to find a photographer. Most have portfolios of image online. Contact them, show them your collection and share your ideas and get a quote. Pick the photographer who gets your vision the most and fits your budget.  

Where Will I Use My Branded Photos?

  • Social Media - Social media is perhaps one of the best places to use branded photography. On Instagram you can share the photos with some information about your business and how to get in-touch. On Facebook you can use these photos to engage with others whether it be a post on your own page or through an ad. You need images on your posts and updates to LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter also!
  • Websites - Use them on your webpages and in blogs. Most people are viewing websites on their phones these days, so photos are as important as the paragraphs now since their is less space to communicate your marketing messages.
  • Email Marketing - Don't forget to add one picture in your indivdual emails and multipe images in your enewsletters and eblasts.
  • Printed Items - Use your images on branded service agreements and your business cards. Any publication will look better with your branded photographs.

Branded photos are useful in helping people relate to you as they build an understanding of your company over time. Have new photos taken seasonally to keep your pages looking fresh and current. People will come to recognize your faces and company the more they see photos of them. And as people recognize you and your company, your business will grow!

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