Todd Burroughs Says "Cincy Photo Pro is the best by FAR!"

Todd Buroughs Sneak PeakTodd Burroughs wanted to get his family and mother together to capture this stage of their lives in photographs. Todd asked for "Posed" family photos. 

What We Did

We worked with Todd and his family to determine the best location for his large family. Cincy Photo Pro chose a park for the setting to capture the energy of his family best! We have the patience, skill, and personality to work with kids of all ages just like Todd Burroughs' Family. We strive to bring out their true smiles and personalities and we feel we achieved that with the Burroughs Family! Todd was happy, to say the least, and his whole family had a good time. When the time is right, we can't wait to see how the Burroughs family looks in their next set of pictures!

The Results

Todd Buroughs

Todd Buroughs Sneak Peak 6885 Edited

Todd Boroughs Sneak Peak 7083 Edited

Burroughs Family 10 2019 7144 EditedTodd Buroughs Sneak Peak 6943 Edited

Cincy Photo Pro Family Portrait Services

Do you want your images to show emotion, and know that they will be crisp and clear? We work with you and your family to determine the best location and poses to preserve your family's personalities in the best way possible.


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